How Is The Best Cash Register For Sale?


As early as 1879, the world's first cash register was created in America, but it was created only for keeping business records and monitoring the misconduct of employees. Till now, cash registers have developed by leaps and bounds and become more advanced and intelligent.

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Cash registers have almost become standard in businesses and help them a lot. Many brands of cash registers exist in the market nowadays. It is a challenge for businesses to find a good cash register that best suits them. Telpo is a world-leading smart terminal and solution provider and is experienced in smart retail. AI cash register C1 and C1 Pro launched by Telpo are good choices for businesses.

The best cash registers always have following similarities.

Smooth and fast. Fluid experience brings users high working-efficiency. Equipped with Android 7.1 or above operation system and processed with dual-core 1.8GHz and Quad-Core 1.4Hz or above processor, Telpo C1 can operate smoothly and fast. At the same time, 4GB RAM big memory with Ext. TF card is supported, which provides enough space to record every transaction. Efficiency is one of the standards to judge the cash register good or bad. Telpo C1 provides users with smooth and fast experience and is the best choice for users to improve efficiency.

Multifunctional. With the development of technology, cash registers for sale have more and more functions. All-in-one cash registers take up less space and become more popular. 80mm thermal printer is built in Telpo C1 and there is no need for users to connect another printer. More functions give users more convenience. Businesses are able to accept payment, print receipts and record the transaction data only through an AI multifunctional cash register.

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Multiple payment. The fundamental function of cash registers is accepting payment. If a cash register is only for single payment method, it must bring much inconvenience and thus it will leave bad impression on customers. Convenient service is much easier to leave a professional impression. Telpo C1 supports multiple payment methods, including NFC, insert chip card payment, facial pay and so on. 3D depth sensing camera and sensitive card readers make efficient and safe transactions.

Connective and compatible. Multi-function interfaces are compatible with most major POS systems and accessories, such as scan code gun, scan code box, printer and E-scale, meeting businesses all kinds of needs. Flexible and personalized services are provided for businesses by using Telpo C1.

More interaction opportunities. More interactions between businesses and customers are created by the dual-touchscreen design. Customer display shows advertisements and promotional information for customers. It makes customers know more about businesses. More interactions make it much easier to develop loyal customers.

Generally speaking, a touch screen cash register for sale that meets listed characteristics above can be named a good cash register for sale. Telpo C1 is fluid, intelligent, multifunctional and advanced. It provides users with more comfortable and convenient experience. If you are choosing an AI cash register, Telpo is pleased to be your solid choice. Up to now, Telpo products have served more than 120+ countries. If you want to know more, welcome to contact us.

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