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Nowadays,it remains a long way to fight against the Covid-19, particular the variantappeared in succession. As the new school year is about to begin, the Ministryof Education demands school resume normal teaching activities in different timeand provide corresponding anti-pandemic measures.

School Temperature Checking Device Telpo case

The school uses TPS980T to manage students' attendance and health status

Itwas reported that school proposed strict school management principle in a bidto ensure school safe and healthy environment and make scientific management.Return teachers and students should provide nucleic acid testing report anddigital health certificate before entering the school. Off-campus staff is not allowed to enter the school without appointment. And students should maintainsocial distance and wear mask whilst queuing at the school canteen.

Inorder to keep safe and healthy school environment, school introduced Telpotemperature checking device with face recognition functions, which not onlyable to contactless detect individual temperature, mask-wearing condition andmake identity identification, but also access to the national digital healthcertificate service platform to verify nucleic acid testing report and digitalhealth certificate.

Telpo TPS950T Temperature Checking Device

Telpo TPS950T Temperature Checking Device with Facial and QR recognition

In virtue of the advanced face recognition and thermography technology, the anti-pandemic efficiency can beguaranteed. Student can scan his face, QR code or swipe ID card in front of thechecking device at the school gate, which will automatically carry outcontactless temperature screening and face comparison. Once face information ismatched with the approval school database and the digital health certificate issuccessfully verified, the gate will automatically open without human checking.

Telpo temperature checking device will upload the datatimely, thus school can clearly grasp student attendance, health status, dailytemperature report and convenient for follow-up tracking. In addition, Telpoprovides self-developed SaaS platform (offline, online, development, localnetwork version, Telpo middleware ) for instant operation and secondarydevelopment. In this way, school can maximally guarantee students’ safety andhealth within school and do well in anti-pandemic work.

Under the background of the normalization of theepidemic, smart checking device is effective to improve the efficiency ofepidemic prevention and reduce the pressure on staff, helping students go backto school safer and healthier.

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