How To Choose Single or Dual screen Touch POS?


With the constantly development and optimization of touch POS, the value and application of it is much more than you think. Nowadays, touch POS can be seen easily at the places where check-out, payment, data analysis, inventory management, member identification are required.

However, touch POS can be divided into single-touch display POS and dual-screen touch display POS. What is the difference of them? How should businesses choose the appropriate touch POS? No matter the price that start-up grocery stores might care more about or other factors, we should learn some basic information before we take action.

Single or Dual screen Touch POS Telpo C1

Touch POS can be divided into single-touch display POS and dual-screen touch POS

Dual Screen Touch POS

Double screen touch display POS contains main display and customer display. The main touchscreen is generally operated by store staff whilst the customer display is serving for the customer. Customers can easily confirm order information (commodity, amount payable) and obtain store promotional information (product display, discount information, company introduction, etc.). That also means that merchant need not print extra advertisement sheets or payment code, keeping counter tidy and beautiful.

It can be easily seen that the dual-screen touch POS is helpful to elevate information display effect, further improve customer experience and real-time interaction. But it also has the risk of customer privacy disclosure during the queuing.

From the sales data, dual-screen touch POS is mainly used at supermarkets, restaurants, milk tea shop, coffee shops, clothing stores, convenience stores, etc. And some of the slap-up hotel will introduce the touch display POS with identity identification function. As dual screen touch POS can relatively add more customized scene-based functions, thus is conducive to more business activity and bring more revenue at different industries.

Single screen Touch POS for self service

Single screen Touch POS for self-service 

Single Touch POS

Single touch POS is more commonly used in small restaurants, small retail store and some self-service scenes with flexible placement and relatively lower interaction demand. However, it is hard to timely find the wrong order due to no customer screen or LED display for customer to confirm the information. For the small retail store or grocery store that does not require much customer interaction, the single touch POS is more cost-effective.

Single or Dual screen Touch POS telpo c1

Telpo POS C1 has single screen and dual touch screen for selection

As an Android POS supplier with 22-year retail experience, Telpo always keep pace with the market demand. With the aim to satisfy different screen demand on touch POS, Telpo recently updated its smart cash register C1 with Android 9 OS, 58/80mm printer, face recognition camera, and various screen sizes option. That includes single touch POS (15.6-inch), dual-screen touch POS (15.6-inch + 10.1- inch or 15.6-inch+15.6-inch) and single screen (15.6-inch) plus nixie tube touch POS.

Generally speaking, single monitor touch POS can satisfy basic catering and restaurant check-out demand, and dual-screen touch POS can expand more functions and applications. You can based on your actual situation include store space, counter size, capital budget, interaction demand to choose the screen of touch POS.

restaurant version touch pos telpo C1

Customize different POS for restaurants, retail and other service applications

Nowadays, Telpo has served more than 120+ countries and provided a series of customization touch POS to retail giants like Burger King, 7-11, Meituan, Baidu and so on world-renowned companies. If you need some professional advice or customization service, the Android POS supplier can help you make it out.

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