AI Access Control Device With Mask Detection Elevate Public Prevention


As the transmission spread and threat of the variant is much more than imagination, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reintroduced the indoor mask policy that fully vaccinated people should wear masks indoors in COVID-19 hot spots.

On the heels of the CDC’s updated mask policy, Disney required vaccinated and unvaccinated guest to wear face covering in indoor locations at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and the Disneyland Resort in California. And the National Retail Federation called upon retailers to follow the mask recommendation.

Public health and safety is the top priority for every business, and mask wearing is one of the certified precaution measures that not only can prevent virus spread but also make people feel safer in the public places.

In order to elevate public prevention, Telpo updated its AI access control device with mask detection function that able to recognize people mask wearing status. As the access control system is connected with the mask detection result, thus if someone is detected not wearing the mask or incorrectly wearing mask, he will be denied to enter, so as to guarantee the indoor safety.

AI access control device F8 with mask detection


Accurate: Based on AI vision analysis technology, precise judge mask wearing condition (with/without/incorrectly wear mask)

Fast: In virtue of advanced mask detection algorithm, it can response in seconds

Safe: Connecting with the access control system, only personnel who wear mask can enter the areas to ensure a safe and healthy environment.

User-friendly: UI character+ frame color + voice broadcast alert (red: not wear/ green: wear/ orange: incorrectly wear)

Data tracing: Real time report mask detection data, which is convenient for managers to check and monitor


24hr Monitor: Compared with manual management, it can recognize face position and mask object with AI algorithm, which can realize 24-hour monitoring and real-time prompt. Meanwhile, all mask wearing condition will be recorded for checking and statistics

Precise Recognition. Based on AI vision analysis technology, it can precise judge mask wearing condition (with/without/incorrectly wear mask) with voice broadcast and UI color remind, which is more conducive to the prevention and control work.

Data tracing: Real time report mask detection data, which is convenient for relevant staff to check and monitor


Security monitoring in public places. It can help staff quickly find out people who not wearing masks, and stop him moving to reduce infection risk.

Access control & mask detection in offices and communities, etc. Deploying it at the entrance able to standardize personnel mask wearing behavior, control the door only open to people correctly wearing face masks.

Hospital operating room monitoring. As hospital has strict requirements for doctors and nurses to wear mask when they enter the operating room, mask detection can be an effective supervision method.

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