Meet Us In Nigeria| Telpo Will Participate In Digital Pay Expo 2022


The high-profile Digital Pay Expo 2022 will be held in Lagos Nigeria on June 9 and June 10, 2022. Telpo, as a world-leading biometric identification and payment terminal supplier, will also participatein the upcoming exhibition. Welcome to meet us at A2 Booth and we will bringyou the latest payment products launched by Telpo in 2022.

Digital Payment Terminal

Digital Pay Expo is one of the mostimportant conferences in the field of digital payments in Africa. Every year,hundreds of stakeholders in the banking sector and finance sector, fintech entrepreneurs,innovative giants, technology and finance enthusiasts and policy makers willgather at the exhibition to discuss and explore innovative digital payment solutions.With the theme of decentralized finance, Digital Pay Expo 2022 aims to promotethe interest of stakeholders in the banking and finance sector.
As a leading POSmachine supplier, Telpo certainly won’t miss the Digital Pay Expo 2022 in LagosNigeria. As early as 2021, Telpo set up the Nigeria branch to better serveAfrican customers. In addition, to add moreconvenience to after-sale service, Telpo sets up service outlets for providingrepairs and consultation services.
At this year’s show, a variety of advanced biometric identification and payment terminals will be presented at Telpo A2 Booth.

Digital Payment Terminal
Digital Payment Terminal TPS900

Android Payment Terminal, TPS900

l Strong performance. 1.3Ghz quad core+Android 10 OS + 1GB DDR + 8GB eMMC memory.

l Multi-payment methods. Supporting magneticstripe cards, credit cards, NFC and QR-code payment.

l Biometric identification. Secure paymentcan be easily done guaranteed by fingerprint, iris and face recognition.

Digital Payment Terminal

Digital Payment Terminal  Telpo P8

Mini Payment Terminal, Telpo P8

l Delicate and portable. With 5.5-inchscreen equipped, P8 is convenient to carry.

l Full connection. Smooth communicationand operation is supported by high-speed LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

l Durable battery. The 3.8V/3000mAhbattery ensures continue working.

Mobile POS Machine Telpo M1

Mobile POS Machine Telpo M1

Mobile POS Machine, Telpo M1

l Quick Print. 58mm high-speed thermalprinter with 80mm/s printing speed, supportS label, receipt, web page, BT andESC POS printing.

l Barcode scanner. 1D/2D barcode can bequickly recognized.

l Quick Charge. 20W fast charging with anintelligent battery protection.

The products of Telpo don’t stop here.There are more biometric identification and payment terminals waiting for youto discover at Digital Pay Expo 2022 in Lagos Nigeria on June 9 and June 10.Looking forward to meeting you at Telpo A2 Booth in Lagos Nigeria.

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