How To Make POS Billing Machines Full Of Opportunities For Your Business


How To Make POS Billing Machines Full Of Opportunities For Your Business

Even inthe fiercely competitive payment industry, the POS machines or POS Billing Machines are still takingthe dominant part and be the hub for all transactions and sales data in everybusiness. Particularly with the constantly evolving technology and updatedfunctions, the tailor-made POS BillingMachines have gained popularity pretty quickly at all walks of life.

No matterwhat business you run, you should take full advantage of the POS Billing Machine to maximizeinterests and make it full of opportunities for your business. As the sayinggoes that it is easier said than done, so how should we do it? In this article,let’s figure it out.

What is a POS Billing Machine?

Generallyspeaking, the POS Billing Machine isthe handheld POS terminal or the mobile terminal used for processing cardpayments and completing transactions during the checkout process.  Along with the technology and paymentlandscape evolving, the POS BillingMachine is not only limited to processing a card payment but also able torecord the transaction, print receipt, and access various third-party systemsfor application development.

POS Billing Machine

What does the POS Billing Machine work?

Accordingto the basic principle of the POSBilling Machine, it will immediately display the transaction informationafter reading the bank card through the optical reader. The details of eachsale will be recorded automatically and sent back to the computer.

To put itsimply, the POS Billing Machine canread the cardholder’s magnetic strip information through the reader. Take itmore specific, once the staff input the transaction amount and the cardholderenter his personal identification information (password), the POS Billing Machine will upload them tothe issuing bank system through the Unionpay center and complete the onlinetransaction. No matter its success or not, the corresponding receipt will beprinted.

POS Billing Machine

Whether the POS BillingMachine will be replaced in the future?

Were you the first timeto learn the POS Billing Machine, itis normal for you to worry about its foreground. The question of whether the POS Billing Machine will be replaced inthe future has been a long discussion topic as the new payment method is continuouslyappearing on the market. And we can also see that no matter how long peopleconcern the POS Billing Machine, itstill be used at many places and gain a host audience. That means the market ofthe POS Billing Machine is full ofchallenges and opportunities.

From my perspective, the POS Billing Machine will not completely be replaced for the followingreasons. First, using the POS BillingMachine to make a transaction is much safer because the standard POS Billing Machines usually cooperatewith the bank. As the bank has a more mature digital authentication andidentity verification security system, thus it can ensure a safe and reliablechannel for fund settlement. Second, larger amount transfers can be supportedon the POS Billing Machine, while otherpayment methods have an amount limit. Third, many people require credit cardpayment to satisfy their additional demands, particularly credit cardholderswith financial difficulties. Fourth, the POSBilling Machine industry is constantly making innovations and expandingfunction applications.

Today, the POSBilling Machine does not limit to simplifying the payment acceptancefunction, they can do more than exceed your imagination. No matter how the paymentindustry transforms, the POS BillingMachine is still an inevitable payment method.

What function can POS Billing Machinesperform?

To behonest, if you want to maximize utilizing the POS Billing Machine to enhance your business, you should at leastknow what functions it can perform. Otherwise, everything is a daydream. Take theTelpo POS Billing Machine TPS900 asan illustration and find what function could the POS Billing Machine own.

POS Billing Machine

Multi-payment acceptance

Equipped with magnetic card reader, smart card reader andcontactless card reader, magnetic stripe card payment, ICcard payment, contactless/NFC payment, and QR code payment areavailable at one single POS BillingMachine. As in line with the standard of Track 1/2/3, bi-directional swipe,ISO7810, ISO7811, ISO7812, ISO7816, ISO14443 Type A/B, Mifare, the POS Billing Machine enable onlineconsumption of credit cards, debit cards, and other bank cards. It not only ensuresthe safety, speed, and accuracy of transactions but also avoids manual queriesand improves checkout efficiency.

Data Protection

When it comes to thetransaction, security should be put priority. And payment security is morerelated to data security, namely, to avoid personal bank account data leakage.Luckily, inbuilt financial grade security chip and rich financial certificate (PCI6. X, EMV L1&L2, PCI, EMV Contactless L1, Paywave, Paypass, MIR, Rupay,TQM, CE, FCC, RoHS, BIS, Anatel) jointly elevate the security level of the POS Billing Machine to the next level.

Identity Identification

When it comes to financialtransactions, individual identity identification is crucial, because it relatesto your capital security and other personal privacy information. It is hard toimagine what will happen if some of them are leaked. Taking it intoconsideration, biometrics was introduced into the POS Billing Machine so as to strengthen identity security. Thanksto its uniqueness and merely impossible to copy features, the biometriccharacteristic pushes the individual identity identification to the next level.

It is worth mentioningthat face recognition, fingerprint recognition, and iris recognition aresupported at the POS Billing Machine.That means, customer can choose one of them, face/ iris/ fingerprint to verifyhimself. What makes it better, you can choose side-mounted& end-endfingerprint, optical fingerprint& capacitive fingerprint sensor accordingto your actual demand. And there are dedicated iris cameras for detecting eyeinformation, which is different from the common front camera. If you have stringentsecurity requirements, then biometric identity identification will help youmake it out.

Data Analysis

The POS Billing Machine can be treated as an entrance to Internetfinance in the new payment industry, which is able to acquire user informationand habits. With all this information and data, diversified services can bedelivered with the help of big data analysis.

For instance, merchantscan use transaction data to analyze the high-quality merchants and then tailortheir personalized services to enhance user engagement and loyalty. For a businesswith marketing promotion difficulties, they can combine big data to makeaccurate drainage, information push, and other services. Put the POS Billing Machine as the entrance,merchants and consumers will be connected. It is convenient for merchants toobtain consumers' precise shopping needs and carry out precise marketing.

Full communication

No matter what business you run, if the transaction is required, then youcannot normal operation without smooth communication. To ensure this demand,LTE, WCDMA, GPRS, Wi-Fi (dual-band WiFi,2.4Ghz/5Ghz,IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n), Bluetooth (2.1+EDR/3.0/4.1/4.2, BLE) are integratedat the POS Billing Machine to ensure stable networkconnection. At the same time, the industrial-leading Android 10 systemand 2SIM / 2SAM slots design jointly guarantee the device can smoothlyoperate and is not affected by other signal coverage when it is used.

Receipt Printing

In every conditionrequires paper credentials, high-quality and high-speed receipt printing isessential. With an advanced 40mm thermal printer and 80mm/s printing speed, the POS Billing Machine can rapidlyprint clear receipts in response to providing transaction proof. In addition,the metal paper cutter allows it convenient to change the paper and extend servicelife.

Barcode Scanning

Nowadays, barcode and QRcode applications are common to see at any time and anywhere. To expand itsusage value, the POS Billing Machine adopts hard decoding, a 5M rear camera with autofocus to achieve all kinds ofbarcode/ QR code recognition, and even QR code payment.

Rich Interface

Apart from the basic function inside the POS Billing Machine, morefunctions can also be enjoyed as it owns a rich interface. First, it cansupport Ethernet for directly online Internet access. Second, it can supportUHT, one kind of NFC, which enables label reading at almost 1 meter fardistance. Third, it can external add the physical key to allow people to enterthe password as some of them may be more willing to enter passwords than otherverification methods. Fourth, OTG customization is allowed. Thus, you cancustomize whatever additional functions you hope for.

MDM Platform

To make the POS Billing Machine value maximum,there is a Telpo self-developed mobile device management (MDM) platform forselection. In the MDM platform, you can enjoy a series of value-added servicesrelated to the POS Billing Machine,including device management, private application, application market, OTAupgrade, advertising management, account management  and log management.


The POS Billing Machine is running the Android system that makesbusinesses more easily to conduct secondary development with strongercompatibility. As standard SDK can be provided, seamless service connectionwill even be faster. For example, you can connect the POS Billing Machine with a data management system and then exportdata reports for daily operation.

In addition, theall-in-one customized solution (hardware + software + platform) is allowed inresponse to quickly roll out. From inside to outside, such as hardware,software, screen printing, color, packaging materials, etc. are allowed to becustomized so as to boost customer brand value.

How could a POS Billing Machine help yourbusiness?

The advanced POS Billing Machine system is akinto a great business partner. It could help provide effective business decisionswith forward-looking insights as well as streamline complicated processes.

Thelatest POS technology strives to deliver a fast and safer payment experience, whichis good for both customers and businesses. The POS Billing Machine can not only provide digital vouchers and otherpromotions but is also useful for promoting loyalty programs. How exactly can a POS Billing Machine help yourbusiness? Let’s take a look.

Improve efficiency

Withuser-friendly design and powerful performance, the excellent POS Billing Machine can improve workingefficiency as it can faster process each sale. Moreover, it also takes effectin sales reporting, inventory management, and accounting. Compared with manuallytransferring sales data, the POS BillingMachine enables directly upload the sales data to the platform forfollow-up checking and analysis. And it allows you to take less time to trainstaff due to its easy-to-use feature.

Minimize error

It isrisky behavior for entering commodity amount or customer’s account informationhand by hand as it is hard to avoid human error even with professionaltraining. The POS Billing Machine can avoid this risk by automatically scanning commodity information and readingcustomers’ bank card information.

Inaddition, businesses can use the POSBilling Machine to quickly print the details of daily sales orders, whichis convenient for financial accounting management at a glance and avoids wrongaccounts. Having a POS Billing Machine that integrates with relative platforms is also conducive to minimizing errorsand optimizing business operation.

Valuable data support

Theleading POS Billing Machines will notonly provide you with a detailed sales report but also allow you to monitor andanalyze the sales performance of different stores, departments, and individualemployees. It is good for you to utilize those data to know the hot-saleproduct, store profitability, promotion effects, and other store information.Given this, you can make greater business planning and managing your cash flow.

Stimulus Consumption

Everybusiness, they are yearning for improving their ability to attract customersand then stimulus consumption. The POSBilling Machine allows transforming consumers' line of credit to spendingpower. No matter what business you run, mobile payment has certain limitations,while the POS Billing Machine cansupport offline card swiping, QR code scanning, identity identification, dataprotection, quick loan, bill evaluation, and other services. Besides, with theability to optimize operation management, improve user experience and expandmarketing channels, the POS BillingMachine can further arouse the enthusiasm of shopping.

Enhanced inventory management

Installingthe software in the POS Billing Machine,you’ll know exactly the inventory condition and do well in inventory managementmore flexibly. It will allow you to activate re-stock reminders, set upautomatic ordering at scheduled levels, and facilitate stock transfers betweenstores.

As thesaying goes that, where there is a will, there is a way. In the high-tech era,cutting-edge technology and device is your weapon to fight against yourcompetitor and stand stable in the industry. And the POS Billing Machine is one of them that helps you win full ofopportunities for your business.

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