How Could Restaurant Rapidly Verify Vaccination Certificate QR Code?


Stimulated by the surge innew Covid-19 cases due to the delta variant, the vaccination policy is implementedby countries around the world. Restaurants, bars, fitness clubs and other indoor activities are required to verify customers’ Covid-19 vaccination certificate(QR-code or paper) before they can dine, drink or fitness.

eu certification digital code

Digital Covid certification is implemented by countries around the world

Why verify vaccination certificateis so significant nowadays?

That’s because good hygieneand getting Covid-19 vaccination are the most effective protection means forindividuals. About two weeks after receiving the second dose of inactivated vaccine, the vaccinated population can produce better immunity. And every onewho got vaccinated will gain an exclusive vaccination certificate( also called green pass) to prove his vaccinated condition and allow to freely access to public places.

In addition, there arerelevant scientific researches and epidemic prevention practices prove thatgetting vaccinated is good to reduce the risk of virus transmission in the population, the transmissibility of infected persons and the incidence ofsevere infection and fatality rate. That means more people get vaccinated,safer society will be.

Most importantly, the mandatory vaccination is fueling a black market for fake vaccination cards orvaccine certifications, which is not only irresponsible for life but alsoeasily cause great danger to the public and the society. Thus, Verify the accuracy of the vaccination green pass is significant.

Whether the vaccinationpolicy hit restaurant operation?

In fact, the mandate notmerely refers to the customers, every citizen, of course contains the restaurantstaffs are demanding to get vaccinated. As the indoor activities, therestaurant should bear higher anti-pandemic responsibility on ensuring saferindoor environment and protect customers’ health. In this way, the vaccinationpolicy might encourage customers return to restaurants to dine indoors again,remove their worries and make them feel relieved and safe.

How should restaurant rapidly verify customers’ vaccination status?

There is no doubt that manual checking individual’s vaccination status istime-assuming and inefficiency. Against the backdrop, Telpo rolled out a greenpass scanner that allows restaurants to contactless verify customers’vaccination status in response to follow the vaccination policy, create a safedinning environment, improve vaccination certificate efficiency and reducerestaurant staff’s burden.

TPS508 QR-code Scanner restaurant

Telpo TPS508 QR code Scanner

The restaurant can put the QR-code scanner at the entrance and staff can standby and guides the customer to verifyhis vaccine certificate by himself. What the customer should do is to open hismobile phone, show his vaccine certificate in front of the green pass scanner and wait for the result. As the certificate contain a unique scan able QR code,thus the green pass scanner will automatically scan and decode that QR code.After that, the verification result (personal or vaccination information) willshow at the screen along with voice broadcast and indicator light (red for noentry, green for safe entry).

Nowadays, Telpo QR-code green pass scanner has already matched with manycountries’ vaccine certificate APP and supported multi-language, accurate andfast vaccine certificate scanning and verification can be ensured. No matteryou run a restaurant or other indoor businesses, it would be your best partnerto do well in vaccine certificate verification.

TPS508 QR-code Scanner

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