August| Smart Devices Elevate Scientific Anti-pandemic


Noone is safe until everyone is safe. Nowadays, the COVID-19 virus variantsappear repeatedly around the world, getting vaccinated and accurate vaccinationproof is crucial.

Withthe aim to protect citizens’ health, resume cross-border movement and promoteeconomic recovery, the EU, Britain, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, and othercountries have introduced local digital COVIDcertificate or health pass to allow citizens freely and safely access to public places.

Inspiredby the successful cases of health code solution in China, Telpo launched aseries of smart devices (digital vaccine verification device, health passscanner, facial temperature screening kiosk, face recognition access controlgate, etc) for vaccination registration, digital COVID certificate verification,identity identification, temperature screening and so on, which used at vaccinationcenter, hospital, sport center, community, office and other scenes and gainedmarket recognition.

Digital Vaccine Verification Device D2 Assists Vaccination Registration

Digital Vaccine Code Verification Device D2

Health Pass Scanner TPS508 Elevates Vaccination Center Identity Verification Efficiency

Digital Health Pass Scanner TPS508 Vaccination Center

Thevaccination center requires the citizen to verify identity, fill in healthinformation, detect temperature and display health code before getting the vaccination.The health pass scanner TPS508 supports ID/NFC card reading, health pass (QRcode) scanning along with voice broadcast and indicator light. Mostimportantly, it can connect to various health certificate apps to verifyidentity identification and data accuracy.

Facial Temperature Screening Kiosk TPS980T Helps Hospital Verify Individual Health Status

Facial Temperature Screening Kiosk TPS980T in Hospital

Citizensshould make an appointment, display health pass and detect temperature beforeentering the hospital in a bid to ensure a safe hospital environment. Telpofacial temperature screening kiosk TPS980T supports face recognition, ID/NFCcard reading, digital pass verification, temperature detection, and otherfunctions to make people easier to prove their health status.

Face Recognition Access Control Gate TPS980T Ensures Hospital Security

Face Recognition Access Control Gate TPS980T Ensures Hospital Security

Theface recognition access control gate allows the hospital to check and trace personnelaccess dynamics at any time through the platform and enjoy face recognition,temperature measurement, contactless identity verification those convenient andanti-pandemic services. Only the individual’s face information is matched withthe approval hospital database, the gate would automatically open.

Face Recognition Device F2 Assists Sports Center Rapid Identity Identification

Face Recognition Device F2 Assists Sports Center

The Shanghai Oriental Sports Center installed Telpo facerecognition device F2 that supports face recognition, liveness detection, andQR code scanning in a bid to improve attendees’ identity identificationefficiency and maintain proper social distance. Attendance can upload theirfacial photos to the system in advance. Once their facial feature captured bythe device is matched with the approval face database, the gate willautomatically open.

Telposmart devices are designed to focus on humanized convenient operation andprovide people contactless identity identification, digital COVID certificate verificationalong with enhanced anti-pandemic experience for all walks of life.

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