April| Smart Cash Registers Push Retails into the Future


For the last decade, the retail sector has been in a state of flux. Retailers need to keep evolving, or they will get left behind. To help retail chains stay one step ahead of their competition while also providing customers with an enjoyable shopping experience, Telpo launches a series of smart cash registers.
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Touch Screen Cash Register C1
Telpo C1 is a multi-functional AI cash register, enabling hands-free ordering, membership recognition, automated language translation and an all-in-one checkout process. Telpo C1 is a helpful assistant of retailers, making checkout convenient and intelligent.

High performance: Dual-Core 1.8GHz + Quad-Core 1.4GHz CPU or above.
Super running memory: 4GB RAM with Ext. TF card supported.
Satisfy all printing needs: Built-in 80mm thermal printer supports multi-language printing.
Secure payment: 3D depth sensing camera supports financial level FR payment.
More payment choices: Multiple payment methods are supported by financial card readers.

Touch Screen Cash Register

Touch Screen Cash Register Telpo C1

Android Cash Register C1 Pro
Telpo C1 Pro is an intelligent cash register which creates more convenience, more interaction opportunities and more values. Telpo C1 Pro delivers different and pleasurable checkout experience.

Android 9.0 or above OS ensures strong performance.
Dual screens with 1920×1080 high resolution and optional screen size combinations.
4GB DDR+ 64GB Emmc large memory.
Built-in high-speed printer supports multi-language printing and automatically cutting, printing speed up to 200mm/s.

Rich interfaces deliver reliable connection and compatibility.

Secure financial payment is supported by 3D depth sensing camera or card reader.

Smart Cash Register TPS680
TPS680 is an Android cash register with simple and elegant appearance and can be applied in many scenes including self-service supermarkets, restaurants, convenience stores, coffee shops and so on. TPS680 can perfectly meet the needs of performance, payment, interaction and advertising.

Dual screens with 1920×1080 high definition and optional screen size combinations.
Android 11 OS delivers reliable operation.
Financial payment is supported by 3D depth sensing camera or card reader.
Multiple ports for different POS accessories.
AI checkout Cash Register
AI Cash Register C20
AI Cash Register C20
Telpo C20 is an intelligent visual recognition cash register which can instantly identify the goods, clearly display the bills and quickly print the receipts, greatly improving checkout efficiency. Telpo C20 can be widely used in canteens, bakeries and many other scenarios.

95° wide angle visual recognition camera.
Quick recognition, algorithm recognition speed is less than 200m/s.
Large space for storing food images, 99% accuracy.
58mm high speed thermal printer with auto cutter.
Multiple payment methods: QR code/ POS payment.

AI Weighing Cash Register C20 Pro
C20 Pro is a multifunctional cash register supporting visual recognition, weighing, payment and printing. C20 Pro can be widely used in many scenarios like supermarkets, fruit shops, canteens and so on.

Android 9.0 or above OS guarantees superior performance.
Dual touch screen with high definition and optional screen size combinations.
Wide angle visual recognition camera. AI visual recognition is supported.
Accurate weight measurement, accuracy up to 99%.
Multiple payment methods: Face/ QR code/ NFC card.
Durable and insect-proof stainless steel body, fashionable and easy to clean.

Integrated Cash Register C68

Integrated Cash Register C68

Integrated Cash Register C68
Telpo C68 is an all-in-one POS design with printer, keyboard, barcode scanner and cash drawer. Multifunctional C68 provides one-step service and makes shopping convenient and efficient.

All-in-one, integrating all accessories.
Dual touch screen with high definition, which is waterproof, oil-proof and wear-resistant.
Multiple payment methods, face payment is also supported.
Integrated and tidy, reducing messy wiring and occupying less space.

Smart cash registers make checkout faster and safer.

Jam and labor shortages in peak hours are always two problems that trouble convenience stores. As a cutting-edge convenience store chain brand in China, Bianlifeng Convenience Chain Stores try to solve these two problems. The introduction of Telpo Cash Register helps Bianlifeng reduce the labor cost, improve working efficiency, provide high-quality services and deliver pleasurable experience to customers. At the same time, TPS650 takes up small space and is suitable for convenience stores.

Telpo is a world-leading smart terminal and solution provider. With 22 years of experience, Telpo products have served more than 120+ countries and set up India office, Hong Kong, Nigeria and Sri Lanka branches to expand market share. To create a colorful future, Telpo has been on the road.