June| Contactless Payments Make Life Smarter


From metal to paper money, from cash to cards, people’s payment carriers are becoming thinner. From counting cash to paying with a PIN, to simply holding the phone close to the card reader, people’s payment steps are becoming simpler. With the mission to create a colorful future, Telpo has been paying attention to people’s needs and launching a series of contactless payment devices.

As the name indicates, contactless payments refer to the payments that require no contact. NFC card payment, QR code payment, and face payment are all contactless payments. Safe and convenient contactless payments have become more and more popular since the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

Contactless payment terminal
Contactless payment terminal, TPS900
Telpo TPS900 is a multifunctional smart EFT-POS. Passing a series of financial certifications, multiple payment methods are offered, including NFC cards, credit card chip cards, MSR, etc. TPS900 can be widely applied in restaurants, retail stores, banks and many other serios to improve efficiency and customer experience.

contactless payment terminal retail

Mobile POS, M1
Telpo M1 is a non-financial contactless payment terminal with a lightweight and fashionable appearance. Equipped with a rapid scanner, M1 supports QR code payments by identifying different barcode labels quickly. Besides, the NFC module supports contactless payment by membership cards to retain more loyal customers.

Face payment terminal, C9
Telpo C9 is a face payment terminal providing faster, securer, and seamless payment. With a 3D-depth sensing camera, contactless face payments can be done in seconds within 1m with 99.5% accuracy. Payments by NFC bank cards are also supported.
contactless payment terminal ordering
Smart cash register, TPS680
TPS680 is a smart cash register with two high-definition LCD. Face payments are accessible for 3D-depth sensing camera is optional for face recognition payment. TPS680 is most suitable to be used in supermarkets, retail stores, coffee shops and many other serios to convey secure and convenient payments.
Self-service kiosk, K8
Telpo K8 is the latest self-service kiosk launched by Telpo. Compared with its predecessor, K8 is lighter, slimmer, better-looking and obey more comprehensive functions.
Equipped with a scanner of world-leading brands, payment codes can be identified within a second, ensuring simple and convenient QR code payments. Besides, with the optional NFC module, more payment options are offered by supporting payments with a gift card or membership card. Single-lens, dual-lens, or 3D structured light cameras are also optional. Efficient and secure contactless face payments are ensured by precise positioning and capturing biometric features.
contactless payment terminal in bus
Ticket Validator T20
Crowded public transportation is the most scenes to apply contactless payments. Validator T20 is the latest ticket validator launched by Telpo. A variety of payments can be accepted, including contactless bank cards, NFC cards, QR codes, smart cards, paper tickets, etc. With a optional camera equipped, face recognition payment can be done within 1 second.

Contactless payments can be applied in all scenes and industries, and have won appreciations from both merchants and customers. With the mission to create a colorful future, Telpo has been launching high-quality contactless payment terminals to empower smart payments. Founded in 1999, Telpo products have served more than 120+ countries and set up India and Russia office, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, America and Germany branches. Telpo is sincere to be your cooperative partner. Welcome to contact us for more details.

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