Digital Pay Expo 2022| Telpo Becomes The Focus Of Nigeria


The much-anticipated Digital Pay Expo 2022 has finally been on. Digital Pay Expo 2022 was held in Lagos, Nigeria on 9 and 10, June 2022. As a world-leading biometric identification and payment terminal supplier, Telpo certainly didn’t miss this event. During these two days, Telpo brought its latest payment terminals and become the focus of the exhibition.

Digital Pay Expo is one of the most important meetings in digital payments in Africa. The theme of Digital Pay Expo is decentralized finance and the goal is to help stakeholders take bold steps in their drive towards implementing decentralized finance as a strategy for future growth across Africa.

Latest Telpo biometric identification and payment terminals are exhibited on Telpo Booth A2

Telpo Booth A2 attracts lots of customers.

Telpo sales director for Africa, Kuki is introducing Telpo products to customers.

Telpo senior sales manager, Charlie is introducing Telpo payment terminals.

Click on the video for more highlights from the Digital Pay Expo 2022

Facing the new global smart payment market, Telpo has great determination to provide safe, efficient, and high-quality products. During the two-day Digital Pay Expo, Telpo demonstrated its advanced payment terminals and innovative digital payment solutions, winning recognition and praise from peers and customers around the world. Don’t worry that Telpo is too far to provide service for you. As early as 2021, Telpo set up the Nigeria branch and after-sales service site. So the distance won't be an obstacle between us. In the future, Telpo has the confidence to be your loyal partner and provide the most appropriate service for you.

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