August | Discover Your Best POS Option in Telpo


POS machines have been an essential part of all business operations. In August, Telpo upgraded its various Point-of-Sale terminals. Read on and we will share you with more details.

Desktop POS

Desktop POS machines are the most common cashier devices in business scenarios. They are usually larger and unmovable, and can be attached with multiple function suites.

telpo desktop pos

Single-screen desktop POS machine

The single-screen device is the basic type of desktop Point-of-Sale. With rich interfaces, the single-display POS device can expand the functions of the printer, barcode scanner, cash drawer, etc., to create an all-in-one solution for businesses.

Related product: Telpo TPS683

Features: 1. Android 13 OS + Quad-Core processor

        2. IPS 15.6-inch PCAP touchscreen

        3. Rich interfaces: USB, RJ11, RJ45, RJ12, etc.

Suggested applications: retail stores, restaurants, grocery stores and more

Dual-screen desktop POS machine

To enhance the interaction with customers, some desktop POS terminals are equipped with a secondary screen. On the customer display, customers could clearly know their bill details when checking out. The business operators could utilize the secondary to advertise and promote.

Related product: Telpo C8

Features: 1. 6nm chip technology, Octa-Core processor, Android 13 OS

        2. 4 screen options: 15.6” single screen, 15.6” + 10.1”, 15.6” + 15.6”, 15.6” + LED

        3. Modular design for expanding card reader, barcode reader and face recognition camera

Suggested applications: restaurants, supermarkets, retail stores and more

Related product: Telpo C2

Features: 1. Hexa-Core processor, up to Android 13 OS

2. 3 display combinations: 15.6” single screen, 15.6” + 15.6”, 15.6” + 10.1”

3. Optional 250mm/s thermal printer

Suggested applications: retail stores, coffee shops, restaurants and more

Tablet POS

The tablet POS won growing popularity for its combination of mobility and multi-functionality. These Point-of-Sale terminals are equipped with a small touchscreen and are easy to carry out. Besides, business operators can flexibly choose to add a bracket to make it a desktop device.

telpo tablet pos c11

Related product: Telpo C11

Features: 1. 10.1-inch detachable screen, support independent use

         2. 75*75mm VESA mounting bracket

         3. Android 13 OS, 2GB + 16GB (Max 4GB+64GB) Memory

Suggested applications: small retail stores, restaurants, mobile vendors and more

Kitchen Display Hardware

The KDS is a digital signage that can be connected to the POS system and automatically display orders in the back kitchen. With the kitchen display system, chefs can clearly identify each order at a glance, therefore improving accuracy and streamlining the kitchen workflow.

telpo kitchen display hardware

Related product: Telpo TPS680 KDS

Features: 1. 15.6-inch LCD screen with a high resolution of 1920*1080

2. Oil-resistant, wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant

3. VESA-compliant brackets: wall-mounted, ceiling, windowsill, etc.

Suggested applications: restaurants, coffee shops, pizzerias, and more

Self-service Kiosk

The self-service kiosk is a device to display information, take orders and process transactions. The kiosks are always equipped with a large touchscreen, support contactless payments and offer a fully automatic checkout or order option to customers.

telpo kiosk in supermarket

Related product: Telpo K8

Features: 1. 21.5-inch touchscreen, net weight of 10.5kg

2. Support QR code payment, NFC payment and face recognition payment

3. Support desktop, wall-mounted and floor-standing installation

Suggested applications: supermarkets, quick-service restaurants, retail stores, and more

Telpo Solution

With 24 years of customization and manufacturing experience, Telpo provides a one-stop service for multi-scenario applications. Up to now, Telpo solutions cover retail, restaurant, payment, fiscal, self-service, etc. Telpo can tailor the most suitable solution according to your actual needs.

Telpo Events

Telpo attends Retail Now 2023 in the U.S

telpo at retail now trade fair

From July 31st to August 1st, Telpo attended the trade fair Retail Now 2023 in the U.S. At the exhibition site, we exhibited our newest products and technologies, and communicated amazing ideas with attendees.

Telpo M1 used in snack bars in Southeast Asia

telpo mobile pos m1 used in snack bar

The Telpo mobile POS M1 is now available in 2 colors, orange and gray. The Telpo M1 in gray color has been applied in snack bars in Southeast Asia and delivered a quicker ordering and payment experience to customers.

POS terminals are transforming the retail and catering industries and have been a solution to elevating the customer experience, improving efficiency and increasing sales. Welcome to contact us for more details. I have confidence that you could find the best POS option in Telpo!


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