New Product | Food Delivery Robot R55


Today, contactless delivery service is giving play to its unique charm and accepted and embraced by all walks of life. Designated to reduce labor cost, improve service quality and delivery speed as well as maintain a safe distance, Telpo rolls out the food delivery robot R55.

In virtue of multi-sensor information fusion and navigation and multi-modal human-computer interaction technologies, food delivery robot Telpo R55 supports plate sensing, obstacle avoidance, automatic charging, multi-point delivery, and other functions. It delivers an efficient, accurate, and contactless food delivery service and allows customers to eat feel more at ease, which is suitable for restaurants, hotels, office buildings, hospitals, and other scenes.

Automatic Cover

With the help of the high-level transparent PC food-grade materials, the food delivery robot R55 ensures safe and hygienic food delivery. The automatic cover (open/close) combined with smart broadcasting delivers a humanistic service. In addition, the three-layer tray with 20kg per tier enables 60 kg loading capacity in one run, while the removable plate gives more flexibility to perform every task and is easy for cleaning and maintenance.

Multi-table Delivery

The multi-sensor and three layers of trays ensure the robot delivery food can serve multiple tables in a single time according to the planned walking path. The staff only needs to put the dishes on the tray, choose the delivery table number, and then the food will be delivered to the appointed table. Once it arrives at the table, waiter robot R55 will warmly remind the customer to take the meal with smart broadcasting. When the dishes are taken away, they will return to the initial position or perform the next task.


The built-in SLAM multi-sensor with laser, visual and ultrasonic positioning& navigation allow the food delivery robot R55 to automatic obstacles avoidance and realize high-precision position, which is ready to use after it matched the application environment at the first time. The simple deployment comes with easy to use control panel that makes you flexible to adjust service routes and methods.

Multi-robot Collaboration

Multiple food service robots R55 can be arranged to perform delivery tasks synchronously to the different tables in response to avoid congestion, improve delivery efficiency and reduce waiting time. The single execution can at least deliver three dishes, greatly elevating the food delivery speed. After delivery, robot R55 will automatically return to the initial position and wait for the next distribution.

Automatic Charging

The location of the charging pile can be customized on the navigation map inside the robot. Once the food delivery robot R55 finishes its delivery task or the battery is lower than the minimum value, it will automatically return to charging. Once R55 successfully links to the charging pile, the indicator light will be on to remind you of the status. Ultra-long battery life with automatic charging function makes it can last up to 8 hours.

Autonomous Elevator

The 3D camera, pneumatic impact sensor sense, and laser engine sensor elevate the pedestrian induction and route planning capability of the food delivery robot. Smart robot R55 can take the initiative to avoid obstacles, ensure the safety of pedestrians in all aspects, and satisfy a multi-floor environment with autonomous elevator compatible and automatic service calls.

The food delivery robot can not only simply solves the repetitive and complicated food delivery tasks, but also brings an intelligent and friendly service experience with its vivid visual, voice, and touch interaction modes to the customers and enhance brand image and style.

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