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Nowadays, the digitaldevelopment of the smart campus and improved campus information construction convenientteachers’ teaching and facilitate students’ daily life. However, just as everycoin has two sides, the popularity of mobile phones also brings adverse effect onschool management and student development. 

outdoor video phone V300 video intercom

To strike a balance betweennormal communication between students and their parents without carrying mobilephones to school, Telpo developed the outdoor video phone V300 in virtue ofbiometric technology and advanced IoT technology. It is suitable forface-to-face audio and video communication between students and parents,employees, and even family members. 

10-inchLarge Screen

The 10-inch large G+G touchable screen withan intuitive interactive interface allows the outdoor video phone V300 to reduce users’use difficulty and learning cost as well as deliver a smoother operationexperience and facilitate user employment.    

ExcellentAudio &Video Ability

The 2MP camera empowers closercommunication between students and parents. The cutting-edge H.264 videodecoding, Opus encoding, and 1080P@24FPS video resolution ensure clear andfluent video display without delay, making the outdoor video phone V300 achievestable high-definition remote audio and video conversation, video accesscontrol, and video calls.

video phone video intercom


Combining with mature face recognitiontechnology, advanced face recognition algorithm, and FRID technology, studentscan swipe their student card (NFC card) or scan their face to verify themselvesat the outdoor video phone V300. Once the scanned identity information is matchedwith the school management platform, students can enjoy seamless video or callconversations with their parents.    


Running on the Android 9.0 operatingsystem, it is easier for the video phone V300 to make secondary developmentwith strong compatibility. In addition, standard SDK can be provided. You canflexibly integrate any third-party platform, upload call duration or identityscanned data to the smart school platform for visual management and remotemonitor   

Ethernet, 4G video phone


Ethernet, 4G, 802.11b/g/n WIFI are supported,and flexible network connection can be chosen based on school actual demands. Withthe IP65 feature, students can enjoy comfortable and homelike communicationwith parents through the outdoor video phone V300 anytime and anywhere they like.

Coming with the 5G era, the outdoor videophone V300 with face recognition will undoubtedly become more and more popular. Ifyou want to get ahead of market, why not take action now? If you want to knowmore details, welcome to contact us.

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