Telpo Payment Terminal Machines Make A Colorful World


Founded in 1999, Telpo has been in the field of smart payment for more than 20 years. With the mission to create a colorful future, Telpo payment terminal machines have been sold worldwide and brought lots of benefits to the world.

Up to now, Telpo has launched a variety of payment terminal machines. Telpo financial devices have been sold and applied worldwide, and won recognition and favor for customers all over the world.

Telpo payment terminal machines used for highway tolls in Zambia

Transportation plays an important role in a country’s economy. Therefore, the high quality and efficiency of highway transport help promote economic development greatly. TPS900 launched by Telpo offers multiple payment options, supporting payments by credit card chip cards, magnetic stripe cards, NFC, QR codes, etc. Moreover, TPS900 is of high compatibility, passing a series of international financial payment certifications, such as EMV, PCI, Paywave, Paypass, MasterCard, VISA and so on.

payment terminal machines Zambia
Telpo Payment terminal machines in Zambia

After applying Telpo payment terminal machines, the drivers and toll collectors enjoy a more convenient and quick payment experience. Besides, the lane efficiency of toll stations is improved and the fluency of highways is ensured. Telpo smart payment devices make highways tools more intelligent and win the appreciations of the government and people of Zambia.

Telpo payment terminal machines used for benefits distribution in Yemen

Fraudulent claims for benefits are common. How to accurately identify every citizen who has the right to receive benefits is a problem for persons in charge of distribution. TPS900 combines payment and identifications, making this problem solved. Only after passing the biometric identifications, including identifying iris and fingerprints, the citizens can receive the benefits.

Telpo payment terminal machines integrating financial payments and biometric identification, ensure the safety of benefits distribution to the maximum extent.

Telpo payment terminal machines used for collecting fares on buses in India

India’s large population creates a great demand for public transport. However, some problems follow. It is urgent for bus operators to solve the problems of slow charging, mistaken charging, low efficiency, etc.

Payment terminal machines
Telpo payment terminal machines in Africa

Telpo is chosen as a cooperative partner by an Indian leading software provider to solve the problems above. TPS900 launched by Telpo is a smart EFT-POS that supports a variety of payments and has passed Rupay certifications. Telpo payment terminal machines have covered more than 1000 buses in India and brought great convenience to Indian passengers.

Telpo payment terminal machines used in African banks

The security of bank accounts has always been a concern of depositors. Telpo payment terminals have been introduced in African banks to improve efficiency and security. TPS900 is a multi-functional payment terminal machine, which supports financial payments, fingerprint authentication, face recognition and other functions.

Payment terminal machines Telpo

Telpo payment terminal machines in African Bank

Before opening a bank account, the banks should obtain the fingerprints of the users, and take a photo of them and their application forms. Only the user information matches the data center information, the users can open the bank accounts successfully. TPS900 satisfies all the needs and wins wide recognition.

Telpo Payment terminal machines TPS900

People worldwide enjoy more convenience brought by card payments. With the mission to create a colorful future, Telpo has been dedicated to launching high-quality products to bring more convenience and benefits. Telpo payment terminal machines have been widely applied to countries all over the world, covering all industries.

Telpo is a world-leading smart terminal and solution provider. Telpo products have served more than 120+ countries and set up India office, Russia office, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, America, and Germany branches. Telpo is very sincere to be your cooperative partner. Welcome to contact us for more details.

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