Why Do Internet Cafes Need Self-Service Kiosks to Create a Safe Place?


Self-service has infiltrated almost every aspect of daily life, and the self-service market has become one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. Ordering, checkout, and accepting payments are just a small part of the functions of self-service kiosks. More self-service kiosks have been applied in public places to confirm identities and enhance security.

Internet Cafe Self-Service Kiosks

In many public entertainment places like Internet cafes, video arcades, dance halls, etc., minors are forbidden to enter on non-holidays, in case they skip classes. Therefore, confirming the identities of customers before entering is necessary. Self-service kiosks play an important role in streamlining the check-in process and enhancing the security of public places.

In China, Internet cafes are obliged to check and register the ID cards or other valid documents of Internet users. This regulation enhances the security of Internet cafes greatly but pushes Internet café operators into a dilemma at the same time. Manual inspection brings a higher labor cost and lower verification efficiency. What’s worse, those customers who suffer from a social phobia may resist contacting a real person and having a not good experience.

Self-service kiosks, which are often used in supermarkets and fast-food restaurants to save costs and improve efficiency, can also be applied in other public places. Recently, Telpo K7, the 21.5-inch self-service kiosks, has been introduced in Internet cafes and brought lots of conveniences.

Internet Cafe Self-Service Kiosks

How do self-service kiosks work in Internet cafes?

The kiosks replace the roles of staff who are responsible for certificate verification. With a self-service kiosk, customers just need to stand in front of the kiosk and touch the screen to start their verification process. Thanks to the camera and face recognition algorithm, customers without bringing their ID cards can verify their identities by swiping their faces.

Modern Internet cafes not only provide a place for people to go online, they also provide value-added services, such as selling snacks and drinks. Self-service kiosks make customers finish the purchase process on their own.

How can Telpo self-service kiosks benefit Internet cafes?

Improved accuracy and efficiency.
Verifying identities and registering information through machines has higher accuracy and efficiency than manual verification and registration. Staff doesn’t have to verify the identities validly or forged depending on their naked eyes. Customers just need to spend a few seconds swiping their faces, which greatly saves the verification time.

Internet Cafe Self-Service Kiosks

It is not necessary for Internet café operators to employ a staff responsible for verifying identities and registering information. Staff doesn’t need to be arranged for shift work in midnight. In the long term, introducing a self-service kiosk is more cost-effective than employing new staff.

Greater customer satisfaction.
The higher verification efficiency and accuracy make the verification progress not an obstacle for customers to enter Internet cafes and they will more willing to accept the identity verification. What’s more, self-service kiosks are more friendly to customers who forget to bring their ID cards. Thanks to kiosks supporting face recognition, fewer disappointed customers can be seen.

Enhance security.
Registering identity information before entering public places guarantees regulatory compliance and high security. It helps Internet café operators and police find the related personnel when an emergency happens. The verification process makes customers in public entertainment places feel safer and enjoy a nicer experience.

It is foreseeable that self-service kiosks will play a more important role in the future. Take action and make the future more efficient and secure. Telpo is a reliable smart terminal and solution provider founded in 1999.
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