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Living in themillennium era, people are craving and expecting innovative experiences and a moreconvenient life. With the mission of creating a colorful future, Telpo sticksto a market-oriented and customer-driven strategy to develop a series of smartdevices and solutions in pace with the time.

In September, Telporolled out online shows, all-in-one digital certificate verification solution,updated innovative MDM platform and even provided the customized solution toour partners. Besides, our new building was also kicked off.

IntegratedEU Digital COVID-19 Certificate Verification Solution


Green Pass QR Code Reader BoostedGovernment Affair Hall Verification Efficiency

TPS508 green pass scanner solution

The government affairs hall introducedTelpo green pass QR code reader TPS508. People only need to put their ID card atthe green pass scanner, and then their information of green pass, vaccination,nucleic acid testing result will be displayed on the screen within seconds.Even seniors who fail to use a mobile phone or don’t have a green pass can alsoeffectively and accurately prove their health status.

Digital Certificate Verification Device FacilitatedRailway Station

TPS980T railway station digital certificate verification

Telpo digital certificate verification device TPS980T that supports digital certificate verification

The Shunde railway station introduced Telpodigital certificate verification device TPS980T that supports digitalcertificate verification and contactless temperature measurement. Citizens onlyneed to place their ID card on the digital certificate verification device, andthen their personal information such as digital health certificate, nucleicacid test results will be displayed on the screen. Once the verification resultcomes with a green code and normal temperature, then they can enter thestation. The whole verification process only takes a few seconds.

BiometricAccess Control Kiosk Assisted World 5G Conference

5G access control device with face recognition in beijing unicom

The world 5G conference 2021 recentlyopened in Beijing. To ensure the smooth holding of the conference, BeijingUnicom cooperated with Telpo jointly launched the all-in-one epidemicprevention solution. Telpo biometric access control kiosk F10 is a multi-functionalterminal that supports face recognition, ID card/healthcare card/seniors cardreading, and contactless temperature screening. Combining with the middleepidemic platform, across district data collation can be done.

TelpoMDM Platform Exceeds Your Imagination

Telpo MDM upgrading

TelpoMDM (Mobile Device Management) is an innovative platform where all Telpo mobiledevices in use can be monitored and managed anytime and anywhere. Telpo MDM supportsreal-time devices management, private applications, app market, firmwareupgrade, advertising, account management, LOG, and other functions. It isconducive to ensure the security of a corporate network whilst allowingend-user to use, manage, control, and monitor all kinds of devices and workmore efficiently.

TelpoBuilding Officially Groundbreaking

Telpo new stage

On 15th Sept, Telpo held itsgroundbreaking ceremony for the new Telpo building construction at the witnessof government and corporate leaders. The new Telpo building is expected to coveran area of about 8400 square meters, with a total construction area of morethan 40,000 square meters. The officialkick-off of the construction means that we have more sufficient resources and theability to quickly respond to customer demands in the future.

Withthe mission of creating a colorful future, Telpo will continue to develop moreinnovative and up-to-date smart devices and solutions, so as to make peopleenjoy a more comfortable and convenient life.

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