September | Telpo Devices Build Smart Restaurants In Digital Age


As restaurant technology rises, customers have been enjoying faster and more efficient services. To create a colorful future, Telpo has launched a variety of reliable devices, applied throughout the whole consuming process, empowering building smart restaurants in the digital age.

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Telpo devices play their roles as soon as customers step into restaurants. By applying advanced restaurant technology to order, dish preparation, delivery, and checkout process, you will get higher-efficient operations and more loyal customers.

Telpo Mobile POS M1 for mobile ordering

With a powerful and portable mobile POS, Telpo M1, at hand, waiters could walk over to the desks of customers and provide them with quick and convenient ordering services.

mobile ordering POS for restaurant

Light-weighted: 6-inch touch screen+ 17mm thickness, 400nit sunlight readable, 1.2 meters anti-drop

Quick bill printing: 58mm width receipt printer with a printing speed of 80mm/s, supports label, receipt, web page, BT and ESC POS printing

Quick charge: fast charging with intelligent battery protection, 60% charged in 0.5 hours.

Telpo Kiosk K5 for self-service ordering

Telpo K5 is a 21.5-inch self-service kiosk that provides distinguished immersive interactions for users. Self-service kiosks help divert customer flow and speed up the ordering process.

self ordering POS for restaurant


21.5-inch screen: Multi-touch screen brings smooth interactions, and plays Ads when it’s free.

Higher printing speed: 80mm thermal printer with auto cutter and speed of 170mm/s

Multiple payment options: Support QR code payment, NFC payment, face recognition payment, etc.

TPS680 KDS for efficient dish preparation

TPS680 KDS(kitchen display system) provides clear, accurate access to multiple orders on a large, bright display, while eliminating unnecessary paper waste.

Kitchen POS for restaurant

Telpo R6 for dish delivery

Telpo R6 is a meal delivery robot that supports high-precision navigation and positioning, multitasking and automatic recharging, making serving more efficient.

Robot for restaurant


Quick relay of delivery tasks: Equipped with a 10-inch clear and sensitive touchscreen and 4 layers of trays, multiple tasks can be performed simultaneously.

Autonomous obstacle avoidance: Equipped with solid-state radars and professional shock absorbers, Telpo R6 mobiles stably all the time.

Automatic recharging: Able to determine the remaining battery and recharge automatically.

TPS320 for takeout

TPS320 is a multifunctional mobile POS that supports a large battery, multiple payment methods and high-speed printing, suitably used for takeout delivery outdoors.

takeaway POS for restaurant


Strong performance: Qualcomm Quad-core CPU, Android 10 version + 2GB DDR+16 eMMC.

Built-in high-speed printer: 40mm width paper width, ordered items are clearly visible.

Easy to carry: With the elastic wrist strap, TPS320 can be held steadily preventing being dropped accidentally.

TPS900 for mobile checkout

TPS900 is a smart EFT POS offering rich payment options. TPS900 is of powerful performance, high-security certifications and strong expansibility, making mobile checkout more efficient.

Payment POS for restaurant


Portable and powerful: 5.5-inch screen+ Android 10 version+ Qualcomm chip

Multi-payment: MSR, Credit card Chip card, NFC, LFD fingerprint payment, QR Code payment, face payment, etc.

Full certifications: PCI 6.X, EMV, Paywave, Paypass, MIR, Rupay, PURE, TQM, CE, FCC, RoHS, BIS, Anatel, UnionPay, etc.

Telpo C1 for desktop checkout

Telpo C1 is an all-in-one dual-touchscreen cash register of powerful performance, satisfying all printing demands, offering flexible screen size options and providing multiple payments.

Android POS for restaurant


4 kinds of screen sizes for different needs: 15.6” + 15.6”, 15.6” + 10.1”, 15.6” + Nixie tube, 15.6” single screen.

200mm/s high-speed printing reduces waiting: 58mm/80mm paper width, multilingual, support receipt, paper QR-code and image printing

Various payment options: Chip cards, contactless cards, face recognition payment, etc.

Telpo APP Store

Value-added services

What Telpo can provide is more than reliable hardware. Telpo offers Telpo AI MDM and Telpo APP Store to fully satisfy demands of Telpo users. Telpo APP Store has established partnerships with leading SaaS software providers, and users can get access to many high-quality POS Applications on Telpo APP Store.

Building smart restaurants has been a new trend. If you don’t embrace the new restaurant technology, you may find yourself at a disadvantage compared to your competitors. Stop hesitating! Telpo has more than 20-year experience in providing smart terminals and solutions. We are sincere to be your cooperative partner. Welcome to contact us for more details.

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