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Public transportation plays a more important role in city life. The faster pace of life puts forward higher demands on validator terminal efficiency. The technological revolution has brought about a revolution in ticket validators. Driven by the need for making public transportation more intelligent and convenient, Telpo, as a pioneer in the field of smart transportation, launches a robust, powerful, and future-proofed ticket validator T20, providing a frictionless and efficient validation experience.
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Strong performance and fast processing. Equipped with the powerful Android 11 OS, Telpo T20 has a high level of performance. The quad-Core 2.0GHz Processor and 2GB RAM, 16GB Flash Memory, ensure smooth and stable operation.

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Validator T20 includes impact-proof, water protection and dust protection guarantee.

Robust and durable. Robust designs applied in validator T20 including impact-proof, water protection and dust protection guarantee stable operation not affected under harsh conditions, so T20 is suitable for long-term front-line use.

Multiple payment methods. Ticket Validator T20 offers a variety of payment choices, with a 1D/2D barcode reader and an optional contactless card reader. Payments by digital or physical QR code, bus card, bank card and E-wallet can be satisfied.

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 Payments by digital or physical QR code, bus card, bank card and E-wallet can be satisfied.

Optional cameras of different security levels. Facial recognition helps to provide precise services for different groups of people. Single-lens cameras and dual-lens cameras of validator T20 can be used to identify the elderly and children and issue welfare or grant payment preferences. 3D Depth-Sensing cameras can be applied in payment scenarios. There is no need for passengers to bring any certification, card, or cash and they can pay just through their faces.

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The pole mount kit design is easy to install and maintain. 

Ease of installation and maintenance. The pole mount kit design is easy to install and maintain. It is convenient for people to insert SIM cards by separating the upper and lower cover, without taking apart the whole device. Nonvisible cables make the appearance more good-looking. The key switch helps to prevent abnormal usage caused by touching the switch intentionally or unintentionally and ensures the long-term normal operation.

Humanization design. Telpo T20 is equipped with a 7-inch large screen, making operation easier and more comfortable. It is more convenient for passengers to segmented self-service. On a larger screen with 720*1280 high definition, information is shown clearly and a comfortable operation experience is provided.

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There is no need for passengers to bring any card, or cash and they can pay just through their faces.

Validator T20 gives users audio and visual feedback, helping confirm ticket reads. 3-coloured LED indicator conveys clear messages of validating progress. At the same time, the digital audio speaker tells passengers whether the payment is valid, invalid, or duplicate. Clearer messages are conveyed.

Multiple operators compatible. Multiple SAM slots provides more opportunities for the further development of extensive and complex transport systems. 4 to 8 SAM cards can be installed, which means validator T20 can accommodate up to 8 operators. There is no difficulty with Telpo T20 used in countries with multiple operators.

More accurate positioning. Telpo T20 is equipped with dual-frequency GPS which can up to Tales vehicle-level. An external antenna is also optional. It provides accurate positioning and supports switching in the GNSS system, helping provide real-time transaction services and enhance remote monitoring.

Validator T20 is an intelligent ticket validator that improves validating efficiency and brings more convenience to public transportation. With more humanized and efficient segmented self-services provided on public transport, commuting is no longer a hassle for people. Validator T20, which is in line with passengers’ expectations of ticket validators on public transport, will have long-term viability.

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