Big News| Telpo Cash Registers Gain WPC Certification


Recently, Telpo smart cash register, TPS680, has successfully gained the certification of WPC. It is such a piece of good news. Passing WPC certification is a major leap for Telpo into the Indian market.
What is WPC certification?
WPC, whose full name is Wireless Planning & Coordination Wing, is the institution that controls wireless regulations. All wireless products must obtain WPC certification before entering the Indian market. 

What are the types of WPC certification?
Based on the working frequency band used by the applied equipment, WPC certification can be divided into two types, respectively ETA(Equipment Type of Approval) and License. Devices for free and open frequency bands only need to apply for ETA, and devices for other frequency bands need to apply for License. The WPC certification holder must be a India locally registered company. The type of WPC certification that Telpo TPS680 passed is ETA.
What is Telpo TPS680?
TPS680 is a smart cash register with lots of distinguished advantages and it must can be a loyal partner to boost your business.
Powerful performance. With Qualcomm’s or Rockchip’s high-performance processors, strong performance and powerful operation is provided, ensuring the running of today’s demanding POS applications.
More friendly interactions. Equipped with a main display and customer display, TPS680 can demonstrates bill lists, promotional advertisement and payment QR codes clearly, and bring more friendly interactions.
Backup battery. 7.4V/7500 mAh battery which can work for 4 hours can avoid missing any transaction caused by the sudden power failure. 
Multiple payment methods. Face recognition payment and credit card payment are optional.

Telpo is a word-leading smart terminal and solution provider with more than 20 years of experience. Telpo has been attaching great importance to the Indian market. As early as in 2018, Telpo has set up the India office. Gaining WPC certification allows Telpo products to enter the Indian market further. Telpo is dedicated to being your reliable partner. Welcome to contact us for more details.

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