Multi-factor Identification Rugged Biometric ID Scanner S5


Worldwide countries areaccelerating and implementing national biometric databases and mandatorydigital identity. Driven by the idea to elevate the accuracy and efficiency ofidentity identification, Telpo rolls out the latest multi-factor biometric ID scanner S5.

Multi-factor biometric ID scanner S5

Multi-factor biometric ID scanner S5

From citizen identity, SIM card registration, election, law enforcement, border control to bank e-KYC, andmobile time& attendance, S5 can deliver secure, fast, and easy to use individualregister and identity verification with multiple methods.

Android 9

Telpo S5 runs on the Android 9operating system, powerful Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ CPU and Octa-core processor,delivers high processing power and superior operation experience for everyonewho uses it. User-friendly SDK for easy secondary development is available.

Android 9 OS biometric terminal

Android 9 OS biometric terminal

Rugged IndustrialDesign

The 5.5-inch biometricterminal with 1080*1920 resolution supports multi-touch and 400nit strong lightreadable. The rugged industrial design with a wear and scratch resistancescreen makes Telpo S5 perform reliably in every environment and run smoothly at -10°Cto 50°C operating temperature.

Telpo S5 is waterproof & drop resistance.

Telpo S5 is waterproof & drop resistance.

Waterproof & Dropresistance

Rugged IP65 biometric ID scanner comes with advanced sealing technology for waterproof, dustproof, and1.5m drop resistance. It features high endurance with unparalleled adaptabilityto stand up to extreme weather conditions and multiple shocks.

Fingerprint Capture

Designed to capture high-qualityfingerprint images in a fast, accurate, and easy-to-learn way and ensureeffective identity verification, Suprema BM-Slim2 (FAP20), Suprema BM-Slim3(FAP30), IB Columbo (FAP30), IB Waston Mini (FAP45) such industry-leadingfingerprint sensor is optional.

Multi-factor Identification scanner

Multi-factor Identification

The multi-factoridentification biometric scanner supports IC card/ NFC card/ ID card/ passportreading, barcode scanning, iris recognition, and other identification methods,making S5 the perfect biometrics tool for identity authentication andverification.

Large Memory

The high-end biometric ID scanner device comes with up to 4GB DDR+64GB eMMC and supports an external 128GB SDcard. It delivers strong capacity space and flexibility of data acquisition,matching, and storage.

The rugged biometric terminal Telpo S5 can get connected anywhere

3.8V/10000mAh Big Battery

The large memory biometric terminal S5 features an ultra-long battery life and removable battery that keeps going on,making it ideal for extended outdoor mobile operation and ensuring continuousworking at applications that require multi-connectivity and strong mobility.Fast charging is also supported.

Always Connection

In virtue of 4G LTE full band,Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, and Bluetooth® 5.1 full connectivity, the ruggedbiometric terminal Telpo S5 can get connected anywhere with high flexibility and deliverunmatched options for fast data transfer and seamless data collection.

Biometric technology, such as fingerprints, iris, and face recognition, is increasingly popular in many fields such as access control security, payment and fee collection, and e-government affairs. The hand-held biometric terminal S5 with IP65 rating will provide a more reliable and robust method for security protection and biometric identification.

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