TPS900-EFD Machine
TPS900-EFD Machine
TPS900-EFD Machine
TPS900-EFD Machine
TPS900-EFD Machine
TPS900-EFD Machine
TPS900-EFD Machine
TPS900-EFD Machine
TPS900-EFD Machine
TPS900-EFD Machine

Android EFD Machine

TPS900 Features

🔸Android 10 OS: Android 10 Qualcomm chip enables high-duty development

🔸PCI 6.0. Passing full financial certifications including PCI 6.0, EMV, Paypass, MIR, Rupay, PURE, TQM, CE, FCC, RoHS, BIS, Anatel, etc

🔸Multiple payment options: MSR, credit card chip card, NFC, E-Wallet, QR-code, LFD fingerprint, face recognition, etc

🔸Fiscal registration: Compatible with multinational fiscal control module legal standards

🔸EFT-POS + High-speed printer + Biometric: Comprehensive fiscal solution with multiple functions

🔸Strong expansibility: external add OTG, UHF, TPUI, tax control, large battery, and physical keypad


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Accept Full Secure Payments

Every device complies with the highest payment security certification standards
and is used for seamless connection of various contact and contactless payment scenarios.

Android mobile pos machine

Strong Performance, Smooth Operation

High running speed, stable multi-application operation

Android mobile pos machine

Extensive Global Network Access

Wireless connectivity for POS systems is the pulse that keeps most businesses energetic.
· Bluetooth
· WIFI 2.4Ghz/5Ghz
· 4G(3G,2G)
Android mobile pos machine

High Printing Efficiency

Supporting label and multilingual printing.

Android mobile pos machine

EFTPOS Machine with Biometrics

Guaranteed by fingerprint, Iris and face recognition technology, payment can be easily done. STQC and FBI-approved fingerprint scanner, support live finger detection(LFD)

Android mobile pos machine

ODM, Best Suits You

More than 20 years of customized experience in intelligent hardware guarantees your project.

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Android mobile pos machine

Small Size, Big Capacity

An expanded large battery makes a longer battery life.

Android mobile pos machine

Charging Dock, Tidier Desktop

Allows you to charge the POS device while making the transaction at the counter.
Just simply put the device on the station. Ethernet is also available.

Android mobile pos machine
Android mobile pos machine
Android mobile pos machine

Applicable scenarios

Banking,Account Authentication,Coupon, Invoicing, Store,Food Order, Top-up, Healthcare

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Smart TPS900 Electronic Transfer Terminal POS
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