How QR-code Scanner To Keep School Safe At the New Academic Year?


With the coming of September, the new termis also arriving. Recently, New York City public school teachers and other staffersare mandated to get vaccinated in a bid to prepare new academic year and createa healthy and safe school environment.

As school open has a clear positive impacton elevating children’s education and development, family income, and theoverall economy, thus head back to the classroom is crucial and should takemore attention to mitigate the risk amidst the delta coronavirus is stillunderway.

Students (age before 18) have the lowestrate of any age group in the U.S., which puts in-person learning at risk beforethe start of a new academic year, according to the data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In addition, the new poll indicated that six intenth Americans believe students and teachers should be required to wear a maskwhile in school, and teachers and eligible students should get vaccinated.

There is no doubt that mask-wearing,social distancing, getting vaccinated, make hand hygiene, and betterventilation are all conducive to making schools safer for students andteachers. As the teacher is the group who will contact students every day, thusit is necessary to check teachers’ vaccination status and remind students toproperly wear a face mask.

With the mission of creating a colorful future and relieve schools’ burden on manual checking vaccination status, health status and timely remind students to properly wear a mask with limited spaceand budgets, Telpo launched a cost-effective and multi-functional access control QR code scanner terminal that supports mask detection, digital vaccine verification, temperaturescreening, and identity identification.

TPS950T Access Control Tablet with QR code reader is used in Turnstile

Regardless of teachers or students, they can show the digital or paper vaccine certification in front of the qr code scanner placed at the entrance of the school. The access control scanner will automatically activate the QR code technology to decode the QR code placed atthe vaccine certificate, display personal information and the vaccinationstatus at the display along with voice broadcast and indicator light. All datawill be synchronously uploaded to the school platform for health statusrecording and follow-up tracing.

In addition, in virtue of the advancedmask detection algorithm with better model robustness, the QR code pass scanner can effectively recognize and judge people's mask-wearing condition(wear/ notwear/ incorrectly wear a mask). Connecting with the access control system, only personnel who correctly wear masks can freely enter the canteen, dormitory,library, and other activity places at school. Otherwise,he will be denied to enter to guarantee the safety of the school.

If require, contactless temperaturescreening, face recognition, Telpo face platform are also available. Themulti-functional green pass QR code scanner is conducive to keep schools safe and openand do well in school pandemic prevention work in a contactless and effectivemanner.

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