New Product| Telpo R6 Makes Serving More Intelligent


People have enjoyed more advantages of contactless delivery since the COVID-19 pandemic. More and more robots are taking the place of waiters and waitresses to deliver meals in restaurants. With the mission to create a more colorful future, Telpo launches an intelligent, agile and lovely delivery robot R6.

Delivery robot Telpo R6

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Telpo R6 is a meal delivery robot that is especially suitable to be used in the catering industry. Integrated with more advantages, Robot R6 makes serving more efficient, secure, and intelligent, as well as saves more labor costs for restaurants.
Quick relay of delivery tasks.
Equipped with a 10-inch clear and sensitive touchscreen, Telpo Robot R6 is easy to operate. With lovely expressions on the display, service with a smile is everywhere.
High-precision navigation and positioning.
Thanks to the SLAM localization and map construction system, the map construction area of the delivery robot can reach 10,000 square meters and it can plan the optimal path and run fast in any application scenario.
Flexible in passing narrow paths.
With solid-state radars on both sides, our meal delivery robot can accurately assess the side distance, reducing the chances of a collision with other objects.
Autonomous obstacle avoidance.
Dishes falling are avoided for Telpo R6 will stop automatically when encountering obstacles. At the same time, professional shock absorbers ensure the robot mobile stably even on uneven grounds.
Multitasking saves more time.
With 4 layers of trays whose maximum load is 15kg per layer, Telpo R6 provides ample space for loading items. Performing multiple tasks simultaneously makes deliveries time-saving and high-efficient.
Automatic recharging.
Telpo R6 is able to determine the remaining battery and recharge itself automatically. There is no need for you to worry that the food serving robot will stop halfway after running out of power.
Meal delivery robots are playing a more important role. After introducing meal delivery robots in your restaurants, more labor costs are saved and a more intelligent and interesting experience is brought to your customers. Telpo R6 ensures your food reaches unscathed, secure, and efficient and is absolutely the cooperative partner to boost your business.
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