How AI Checkout Transforms Retails?


Since the global COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, "non-contact" has become a buzzword. There is no doubt that pandemic is a challenge to retails. Luckily, the development of AI checkout brings more opportunities.

AI checkout machine

AI Checkout is elevating retail at a time when online shopping is popular.

Online shopping wins more favor of customers nowadays. It is widely believed that online shopping improves consumption experience, for people can choose goods without limits and pay without waiting in queues. Consumers are able to complete purchases only through a mobile phone or a laptop everywhere. However, online shopping is not perfect. It takes long from placing an order to receiving the goods actually. For this reason, entity business is still indispensable. According to a research from Forrester, 72% of U.S. retail sales will still occur in bricks-and-mortar stores. The advent of AI self-checkout improves consumers’ experience and transforms retails.

AI self-checkout ensures touchless consumption.

As technology develops, some people may suffer social phobia. They like to deal with machines rather than real persons. It’s noted in a Retail Customer Experience report 2021 that 60% of consumers would choose self-checkout over interaction with a cashier. AI checkout machine has developed to a high level and touchless shopping is achieved. In Amazon, Tesco, and even Walmart, products can be checked during the shopping and consumers can be charged when they walk out. During the whole shopping process, consumers don’t need to contact any person and even they don’t need to take out their phones or wallets.

AI self-checkout machine

AI checkout leads to efficient consumption.

For most people nowadays, time is life. Who would like to spend time in lining up and waiting in the queues if unnecessary. AI checkout machines greatly help solve this problem. Consumers can finish their purchases through only 4 steps, maybe it needs less than 4 in some places.

First, consumers choose the products they want to buy and interacts with the screen of the checkout machines to start checkout.

Second, they put the products on the tray and waiting the AI machines to scan.

Third, they select payment options freely to pay for their orders.

Lastly, they gets a receipt and leave.

Through some advanced autonomous checkout systems, consumers even don’t need to wait to scan and check out. Thanks to AI checkout, consumers save their time and conduct more efficient consumption.

AI checkout machine Telpo C20

AI checkout improves shopping experience. Autonomous checkout is also calledgrab-and-go”, “checkout-free”, etc. These names can intuitively reflect what autonomous checkout want to bring for customers. People grab the products they want and directly leave the shops. Don't mistake them for thieves for they have paid as soon as they leave. AI self-checkout make offline shopping more similar to online shopping. Consumers enjoy a free, convenient and pleasant shopping experience. Customer satisfaction translates into loyalty to the supermarkets and makes offline shopping be a more favorable choice.

AI checkout machine C20

Telpo agrees that AI checkout is beneficial to both consumers and businesses. With the mission to create a colorful future, Telpo launches Smart Retail Family and C20 is one member of it. Telpo C20 is a visual recognition cash register and can bring much convenience.

Wide angle object recognition camera makes efficient scanning. Products can be scanned quickly and accurately, which makes checkout timesaving.

Large storage space makes smart searching. All kinds of image data can be stored and thus images of different products can be identified intelligently.

Multiple cashless payment methods make convenient checkout. Consumers don’t have to pay for the order and pick up their products in hurry. C20 supports payment by member card, face, QR code and so on, providing as much convenience as possible.

All-in-one cash register improves user experience. Customers can enjoy one-step service including weighing, checking out, and printing receipts and greatly save their time of walking back and forth.

If you are interested in Telpo C20, welcome to contact us for more details.

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