In the upcoming 5G, intelligent technology will be more mature, such as big data, artificial intelligence technology, Internet of Things, mobile payment, etc. Restaurant's solutions will be smarter, not only online and offline but also the interaction between people and machines.
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Because of the development of mobile Internet and O2O, users have changed the consumption habits and lifestyles. At present, mobile payment has become the new favorite of merchants and users. It wins the favor and support of all parties. For example, Alipay, WeChat pay, Baidu Wallet, and Apple Pay have all entered the market. Alipay has been widely used in Southeast Asia.

So the intelligent cash register equipment as essential restaurant equipment is particularly important. Through the intelligent cash register, online orders can be submitted to the offline in real-time, and offline consumption is connected with online promotion, membership points, WeChat payment, and Alipay payment, thus realizing the new restaurant ecosystem.


The traditional cash register is not only cumbersome in appearance but also system complicated. For developers, it is necessary to build logistics management, membership management, marketing management, take-out orders, payment channels, etc. These all require excellent technology, but the scalability is also limited.

[Telpo Solution]

Telpo's Smart Restaurant encompasses the set of solutions, including smart e-menus, cash register system, orders taking, food delivery, smart kitchens and more.

• Cash Register System

• Smart Ordering Machine.

• Smart Display for Kitchen



Telpo’s smart cash registers with a simple and fashion appearance, smaller size save more room. The smart cash registers use the Android system, open-source code, and huge development team resources so that the development of various new restaurant application apps is no longer so complicated. Make your business easy to develop, and make profits quickly.


Telpo TPS680 for takeaway in the restaurant

Restaurant Demo - Telpo Retail

Includes product management, supplier, member management, data analysis, device management, system management, etc.


Cashier Demo


Telpo Retail - Cashier System

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