The market for public transportation is rapidly growing all over the world. Big data becomes more and more popular, intelligent devices appears in every corner, it becomes an urgent task to make public transportation to be more efficient and convenient. The combination of intelligent hardware and intelligent ticketing system will help public transportation to reduce cost, time, and risk associated with transportation-related issues.
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Telpo smart devices' solution is designed for efficiency and reliability. By offering the public flexible payment methods, it helps you to make fare collection simple so that you can focus resources toward providing top-quality transportation service.

  • Advanced payment technologies, such as smart card, contactless card, Qr-code, ticket vending machine helps payment to be electronic and smarter.

  • Comprehensive communications, such as 3G/4G, WiFi, Ethernet, the intelligent device helps transportation to connect to the cloud system.

  • At the same time, GPS technologies help with locating and monitoring public transportation.

Telpo one-stop BUS transportation payment solution consists three parts: hardware, software, and platform.


At the bus transportation equipment at the recharge point, recharge bus cards for passengers, query bus information, buy seats, etc.

Payment     Recharge Record     Personnel Management     Card Management


Communication Transmission

Bus transportation equipment is all network connectivity. It can be connected with 4G, WIFI, Ethernet, RS485, RS23, eSIM and other methods to ensure stable communication and prevent data loss from being uploaded.


Based on the functions of the Telpo Bus platform, remotely manage buses.

Telpo provides you with a complete bus solution.

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